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ICF Consulting, management consultants with offices around the world, specializes in future proofing organizations in areas like healthcare and public health, transportation infrastructure, and the environment.


Nearly all of the dads on ICF Consulting’s team take advantage of the perks offered to them, which include four weeks of paid parental leave, suggesting that the company’s workplace culture makes good on its promise to support all working parents regardless of gender. The leave lasts for the exact same amount of time as a birth parent’s. After that time runs out, fathers — alongside all other non-birth parents — can take another twelve weeks of unpaid leave.


“As a father, the opportunity to take parental leave to focus on the birth of our first-born daughter (in a pandemic!) was priceless. I was able to do so with the support of the company, my manager and team, and my stakeholders. Upon returning, I was more engaged and connected to my work and the people I work with than ever before!” – Josh W.


Meanwhile, the company offers services like telehealth and other on-call healthcare providers. This helps working dads stay on top of any issues or medical scares as they arise without having to put themselves or their families at risk with unnecessary travel. ICF also offers Bright Horizons Enhanced Family Support Program which provides caregiving search capabilities, discounts on tutoring, pet care, and eldercare services.