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The hotel giant Hilton, which now includes 18 different brands such as Embassy Suites and DoubleTree, gives their working dads a wide variety of perks to help them start and care for their new families, regardless of whether they’re working on-location, at a corporate office, or from home.


The company offers an on-call concierge that serves as a lifeline for any new, expecting, or planning parents. After the kid comes along, the help line keeps any dads working from home informed about new perks, benefits, and other company programs that might not otherwise be communicated to them.


Even before the pandemic struck, Hilton provided employees with the chance to plan out, adjust, and swap hours as needed, even with short notice.


Recently, Hilton created a unique program through a partnership with Stanford University and Thrive Global that provides online educational resources to new parents. Perhaps more importantly, the program also teaches their managers how to better support employees as they figure out their new work-life balance with kids in the picture.


Finally, Hilton gives employees access to backup childcare, eldercare, and virtual medical coverage so new fathers can better take care of their families without needing to jump through extra logistical hoops and find caregivers on their own.