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eBay, the internet’s destination for everything commerce since 1995, has historically been a progressive mover when it comes to employee benefits and workplace culture. The company offers equal benefits to dads as they do birth parents, meaning non-birth parents can take just as much paid time off as their partners.


eBay’s new dads can take 12 weeks of paid parental leave. Unlike many other companies on the list, eBay employees continue to make 100 percent of their base salary for the entirety of their time away from work, allowing them to bond with and help support new children without worrying about their budget. This benefit stands regardless of whether their partner gave birth, they adopted, they began to foster a child, or they pursued any other means of starting a family.


Aside from more formal parent coaching through Cleo, the company also helps foster a community of and for working parents to help new dads advocate for themselves, find out about resources both within the company and elsewhere, and find healthcare providers or childcare.