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Diageo, the global beverage alcohol company responsible for Guinness, Johnnie Walker, and Captain Morgan, among others, encourages its consumers to enjoy its wares responsibly. The same could be said about the messaging to its own employees when it comes to new parents.


Diageo stands out among companies on this list for its particularly generous parental leave policy. With 26 weeks of leave available to any employee with a new kid, Diageo ties for first place in paid leave time out of all the companies on this list. The best part is that Diageo’s 1,900 employees can take advantage of that leave regardless of their gender, family structure, or whether they’re giving birth to a child or adopting.


That’s a crucial distinction: It’s important to not only compete with the best parental benefits programs out there, but also to make sure those perks remain accessible to everyone in a non-discriminatory way. And it seems Diageo is doing something right by making sure employees are able to and feel comfortable taking advantage of their benefits, since the company reports that 100 percent of the new dads who work there take part in that paid leave.