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The Deluxe Corporation provides small businesses with an unusually wide range of financial and logistical services — from loans and checking to logo design and website development.


A growing number of companies offer competitive amounts of financial support for things like surrogacy, adoption, and fertility treatments, all of which can get expensive over time. Deluxe Corporation goes above and beyond, offering employees up to $20,000 for each of the three.


That’s more generous than many of the companies on this list. To add to it, Deluxe decided to adjust its plans to also extend the same benefits to male employees who are trying to start or expand their families with their male partners.Cerner now provides the same surrogacy payments to male employees to help them find and support a surrogate to give birth to their kids.


And as far as support later on goes, Deluxe also provides 24/7 access to nurses as well as full telehealth plans as part of its medical plan, and parents can also tap into childcare subsidies for when they know they’ll need someone to look after their kids and backup child care assistance for when it comes as a surprise.