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Citigroup, the fourth largest bank in the U.S. with customers in 159 countries, offers wealth management, investment and consumer banking, and credit card services to a mix of corporate and consumer customers. The company also has made major strides in how it cares for new fathers working in its U.S. corporate offices and remotely. 


Over the last several years, Citigroup doubled the amount of paid time off that it provides for new fathers from four to eight weeks — the same amount of non-medical leave it offers to new moms.


Citi created a “Families Matter” employee resource group, which is a support group for its working parents in any and all sorts of families. Aside from connecting more parents who may have questions or challenges to others who can help, Families Matter also gives new dads access to online webinars and other resources to help them navigate parenthood, work, and the best ways to balance the two.


And if issues come up, Citigroup provides employees — and part-time workers who hit at least 20 hours a week — with backup childcare and eldercare as well as subsidies for external childcare services.