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The healthcare IT and software company Cerner went out of its way to make sure that its benefits and perks for parents treat dads just as well as they do moms. With a workforce of nearly 20,000 in the US, Cerner acknowledged that not all of the new parents on its payroll are going to fit traditional — and outdated — expectations of what a family will look like.


To that end, Cerner grants the same amount of parental bonding leave and other new-parent resources to new moms and new fathers, regardless of whether they’re the primary or secondary caregiver. Additionally, Cerner reimburses employees for up to $5,000 per adopted child and gives the same amount of parental bonding time off for parents of adopted children as those of any other.


I am extremely grateful that Cerner has a paternity leave program to support the initial (and ongoing) bonding time that is so important for families.  As we started this journey, the most important benefit for us was working with the maternity navigator…  From insurance, administrative items, reimbursements, all the way to clinical support with classes and what to look for when picking our care team for our family, our navigator was with us every step of the process. Having this benefit and support took so much stress and pressure off of us and let us continue to focus on what matters most, being thankful for our opportunity to have a little boy and grow our family. – Randy M.


Meanwhile, Cerner provides access to two onside daycare centers, called Cerner Kids, for children up to age 6. Cerner also provides backup childcare and eldercare, virtual education and tutoring services.