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Like a VW Golf GTI, the online car marketplace and search engine CarGurus, packs a lot of employee benefit punch for its size. CarGurus provides working parents on its team with an impressively-competitive benefits package given the company’s comparatively smaller size (they have just 760 employees).


Unlike many companies out there, CarGurus doesn’t assume that mothers are going to be the ones taking care of a new child. So the company provides 19 weeks of paid leave — well above the average on this list and beyond — to new parents regardless of gender as long as they’re the one primarily taking care of the kid. Secondary caregivers get eight weeks of leave, — still competitive compared to what other companies offer regardless of caregiver status.


Though almost all of CarGurus’ workforce is salaried, its handful of hourly workers can access all of the same benefits as their full-time peers — none of the company’s team is left without insurance, time off of work, or parental leave if they need it. New dads have resources at their disposal when they return to work, including telehealth access and a company-run affinity group for working parents to connect and share resources. CarGurus also gives employees extra benefits through, which helps them find tutors, babysitters, and other domestic help. Specifically, employees can use eight days of backup eldercare through the service and can also get backup childcare there as well.