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New fathers who work at the Lincolnshire, Illinois-based human resources and financial services company Alight Solutions are able to take advantage of a wide gamut of totally gender-neutral perks and policies. 


The company provides its nearly 10,000 US employees with a great deal of flexibility at work, along with a number of benefits and programs to help new parents along the way.


Alight Solutions has a number of resources available to employees who are thinking about starting or expanding a family, such as family planning programs and assistance with covering adoption costs. And then, when the kid actually shows up, the company grants any new parent on its payroll eight weeks of paid time off for bonding and adjusting.


Perhaps most critically, Alight continues to support new dads even when they’re off working somewhere other than at the office through perks like backup childcare and eldercare, providing a helpline for 24/7 access to medical care, as well as access to virtual telehealth.