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When the shooting and outdoor sporting goods company Vista Outdoor transitioned to a mostly-remote workforce during the pandemic, it actually found that financial performance improved.


While some of the company’s 5,200 US employees still work in person out of necessity, Vista Outdoor says that it’s taking that unexpected spike in business as a sign that becoming a more flexible and accommodating workplace will only continue to serve it going forward. The company will continue to apply those lessons even after the pandemic ends, meaning employees can look forward to ongoing flexibility and better accommodations that will help them establish and draw boundaries between work and the other parts of their lives.


In addition to providing telehealth and on-demand mental health support through its medical insurance, Vista Outdoor partnered with several third-party vendors to make sure its remote workforce had comprehensive access to healthcare and other benefits.


That includes wellness programming through a partnership with Omada Health as well as a free membership to everything that has to offer, ranging from virtual tutoring for kids, online workshops for the employees themselves, and backup childcare and eldercare for when unexpected emergencies pop up.