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Veterans United Home Loans, a financial services company best known for offering mortgages and loans to current and former members of the military, acknowledges that many people feel their work lives and home lives have blurred together nowadays. To confront this, the company has chosen to offer its roughly 4,600 employees better benefits than it ever did before the pandemic.


Veterans United Home Loans says that it launched a number of programs to help prevent burnout and better support workers who feel exhausted, in part by offering new wellness and growth programs during work hours instead of making employees seek them out on their own or during their precious evening and weekend hours.


The company also launched Kaleidoscope, a virtual service that provides highly-qualified virtual tutors and other educational services for employees’ kids and other programs for the employees themselves.


What stands out the most is that Veterans United Home Loans acknowledges that no one knows what employees need better than the employees themselves. The company continues to figure out and launch the programs that best help its staff by asking them ­— directly — what they want out of their employer. The company has made over 2,100 calls to its staff members, about half of whom are still working remotely, and shaped its frequently-augmented benefits packages based on what those employees said would actually make a difference in their lives.