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With just 67 employees and no hourly workers, the internet of things product and software developer Very is among the smallest companies on this list — and yet it still goes above and beyond by offering perks and benefits comparable with those at much larger corporations.


In fact, there are many instances where Very is actually leading the pack. While many companies scrambled to figure out working-from-home arrangements at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Very was already a seasoned veteran with a decade of experience running an entirely-remote workforce.


Every year, Very employees get an extra $1,000 to put toward home office equipment or anything else they need to be productive while working remotely. And if they don’t need all of it in any given year, Very says they’re able to keep rolling over unspent stipends indefinitely — making sure to support its employees however they need it instead of counting pennies or punishing them for not happening to spend the entire stipend each time around.


And because the company already had an entirely-distributed workforce before the pandemic, it had already established and provided telehealth access, childcare stipends, and clear lines of virtual communication to its employees instead of rushing to cobble new programs together after the fact.