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While its mission is connecting freelancers to people who need their services, San Francisco-based Upwork is also doing its part to improve full-time work. A big part of that commitment is creating a culture of flexibility and understanding for the parents on staff, one that is founded on a remote-first work policy.


Upwork has employees around the world, which means the majority of the team works remotely. Those who do report to its San Francisco office are enjoying work-from-home policies that have been expanded since the pandemic. There’s also a stipend for WFH expenses and access to virtual wellness and mental health programs, a sign that the company knows that work isn’t the only thing that parents can benefit from doing virtually.


“Upwork is a great place to work remotely especially for parents,” one employee says. “The company doesn’t just say that they care about our work-life balance or who we are as people, every single day it is obvious it’s a priority.”