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The Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association (TIAA) first started as a financial service for teachers, and has since expanded to provide insurance and other support to academics, researchers, and various non-profits.


When the pandemic hit, TIAA provided employees with a $500 Home Office allowance so that they could actually work from home in a proper set up instead of curling up on the couch or trying to cram their computer on the kitchen table.


Above all else, TIAA showed that it was committed to providing the help that parents actually needed several times throughout 2020. The company initially offered reimbursement for up to 20 days of backup childcare, paying up to $60 per day per kid. That’s already generous compared to many other companies out there. But this wasn’t any ordinary year, and TIAA responded by drastically increasing how much support it provided working parents. Over the course of the year, TIAA decided that $60 wasn’t enough and increased the reimbursement ceiling to $200 per day while also increasing the number of covered days up to 40 and then 60.


And most importantly, these policies continue through 2021 — highlighting and reinforcing the fact that parents deserve exceptional support all the time and not just a temporary boost during the unusual circumstances that characterized the past year.