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Silicon Valley tech giant Synopsys develops silicon chips and the software that helps run them. The $3 billion dollar company has over 4,150 salaried employees in the U.S. who suddenly found themselves setting up shop at home early last year.


The company’s policies show that Synopsys acknowledges that things will probably never go back to the idea of “normal” that existed prior to March 2020. The company says that it will be more lenient and accommodating with remote working arrangements and flexible working hours even after the pandemic is over.


Those arrangements specifically involve acknowledging that working from home means working near family members, and that Synopsys can’t expect everyone to have a perfectly sterile and detached workstation.


While meetings are going on, for example, Synopsys gets that kids are going to pop into the frame and that that’s just a normal part of life now. Meanwhile, the company proactively rounded up educational resources for parents and put them into an easily-digestible guide. They offer ReThink, a service that can help parents, especially those whose kids have special needs, learn to balance remote learning and parenting, along with Degreed, a learning & skill-building platform which also offers resources for virtual learning. And as an added perk, Synopsys purchased employees a year of Dashpass, providing free delivery and much needed convenience.