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Over the course of the pandemic, leadership at the tax services and consulting firm Ryan built up a company culture that focuses on flexibility — repeatedly reminding staff to take breathers as needed.


The company, which also grants unlimited paid time off to about 80 percent of its 1,900 US workers, says that it prioritizes results over putting in facetime. By acknowledging that remote workers, and especially working parents, have priorities pulling them in many different directions at once, Ryan took an important step forward by not also expecting employees to sit around smiling into their cameras during meetings all hours of the day.


As long as employees are putting in the hours and getting their job done, Ryan doesn’t expect them to also sit around on camera during video calls or sacrifice their evenings for company events. Instead, Ryan urges employees to skip whatever optional events they don’t want to attend — which is a crucial work-life balance barrier for companies to create as the lines between work and the rest of life tend to blur while working remotely.

But even with policies specifically meant to promote flexibility and accommodation in place, life is still pretty stressful nowadays. So Ryan also provides its remote workforce with access to virtual mental healthcare services on top of other wellness offerings.