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Perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that Reddit, the massive amalgam of online forums and communities works to create a strong sense of community among its staff as well. Reddit actively encourages its roughly 830 employees to step away, turn off their webcam, and adjust their schedules as need be. But for the times that they are around, Reddit hosts loads of online programs and offers virtual perks to make sure they’re taken care of.


For instance, Reddit has hosted a number of employee-driven community-building programs throughout the pandemic, like a virtual take your kid to work day event that was full of family-friendly activities and sessions. The company also provides virtual fitness and wellness programs and various educational workshops to staff, though those might not always be as fun as the take your kid to work day’s “silly dancing time.”


Reddit also helps working parents support their families through childcare subsidies, remote telehealth access, and 24/7 access to nurses through a dedicated helpline to make sure that they have whatever resources they need for when problems come up, regardless of whether those parents are working from home or the office.