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It should come as no surprise that employees of Rackspace, an early pioneer in the still-new field of managed cloud solutions, telecommuted even before the pandemic. But instead of resting on its laurels, the company engaged in the same reexamination of remote, hybrid, and in-person work that many other companies have since the pandemic began.


In response to an employee survey that showed more than 9 in 10 did not wish to return to the office full-time, Rackspace announced that all Rackers would have access to “full-time agile ways of working.” That means they get more say over when and where they work and, crucially, where they live.


On top of that, the company offers plenty of virtual resources to close the gaps that remote workers often fall into by not going to the office. Expert-led webinars and an internal resources page for parents, virtual physical and mental wellness programs, and even online activities for employees’ kids are all offered with the simple goal of making life easier even for remote workers.