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Financial professionals, individuals, and institutional investors turn to PIMCO when they need help deciding where to invest their money. But the most important investments that the powers that be at the Newport Beach based asset management firm have made are those in their employees, specifically the ones that make it possible for parents to do their jobs wherever makes the most sense for their families.


When COVID made that especially difficult, PIMCO stepped up with extra sick leave, paid leave for employees to get vaccinations, and informal flexible scheduling that made it easier for employees to arrange child care and deal with the other challenges of the pandemic. Company leadership modeled the kind of adaptation to the new normal that they wanted to create, with the CEO appearing on Zoom with his own newborn to co-COOs who modeled encouraging employees to seek support, adopt flexibility, and understand that pandemic output might not be 100% of pre-pandemic output.


Today, PIMCO employees get 40 free telecounseling sessions per year, weekly virtual yoga and meditation classes, and, for their kids, a special employee seminar with a children’s hospital to discuss the physical and psychological ramifications of the pandemic for young people. The company now has a robust suite of benefits expanded and reshaped to fit the needs of its pandemic-era workforce.