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The cloud software company Okta was founded by two Salesforce alums who decided to build a tool that makes it easier to manage your insurmountable pile of logins.


The company granted its employees an impressive level of workplace freedom and autonomy even before the COVID-19 pandemic began, making its transition to a remote workforce smoother for everyone. When it comes to working-from-home policies, Okta is way ahead of the curve. The company launched its Dynamic Work program in late 2019, through which employees were able to establish the working hours — and location — that made the most sense for them.


Another way that Okta demonstrated empathy was that it repurposed older office supplies like laptops, which it gave out through a lottery system to employees’ children who were stuck taking classes at home. Even after offering those resources, Okta acknowledges that having to show face during every single company meeting can be exhausting, so it reminds employees that they are not required to take meetings with the camera on all the time. 


It’s also worth pointing out that Okta changed and, in some cases, suspended performance reviews at the start of the pandemic. Why is that important? Because it demonstrates empathy and accomodation towards all employees, and particularly caregivers who often worry that their responsibilities outside of work will impact how managers evaluate their performance. That understanding philosophy to benefits is at the core of Okta’s approach to remote work, which focused on supporting employees in tangible, beneficial ways so that they could continue to work productively in a world that often feels like we’re living at work versus working from home.