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The speech and text-recognition company Nuance Communications, made a number of changes to its benefits packages over the course of 2020, increasingly adding new tools and resources as time went on.


Toward the beginning of the pandemic, when everyone transitioned to working at home, Nuance gave all of its remote employees a one-time stipend to set up their working spaces and get anything else they might need to continue working. That’s a huge perk — it would have been far easier to just assume employees would be able to take care of their own setups or that they already had everything they might need to work remotely.


Over the course of the year, Nuance hosted over 30 classes and other virtual sessions, teaching employees and their families how to cook new dishes, providing mindfulness coaching, and also offering financial literacy sessions.


CEO Mark Benjamin repeatedly sent notices to the entire 6,500-person company to remind employees to prioritize their own safety and to urge them to prioritize family time and to take time away from work when they need it. And, just in case anyone didn’t feel comfortable taking time away or simply didn’t happen to use their paid time off, the Nuance added extra company-wide holidays to make sure its staff occasionally stepped back to take a breather.