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The financial services app Nav Technologies, Inc helps pair small business owners with things like loans, credit cards, and can pull credit reports. With just 120 employees in the United States, Nav Technologies is considerably smaller than most of the companies on this list but still offers comparable benefits capable of helping push the industry forward — especially when it comes to how much flexibility it grants staff.


Nav Technologies already offered benefits like adjustable hours and had a distributed workforce even before the pandemic.


But when remote working became the norm, the company went above and beyond by making sure it provided all the same resources that employees would get out of an office. That includes providing whatever equipment workers needed to do their jobs from home. Sometimes, those necessary supplies have even included free food — one less thing for parents to stress over.


The pandemic has led to other challenges beyond the day-to-day of an already-remote workforce. For instance, when kids started to return to school, Nav Technologies provided several virtual mental healthcare sessions to help working parents handle the stress. Beyond company-run sessions, Nav Technologies also bought a membership to the meditation and relaxation app CALM for every employee and their family members.