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The cybersecurity consulting firm MindPoint Group has a small-but-growing team of just 151 employees, a fact that allows the company to offer a great deal of flexibility and leeway to its workforce.


MindPoint Group built up its culture around the fact that the organization is a team of humans before it’s a faceless company — and the decisions that it makes are centered around those people first and foremost. When the pandemic hit, the company adjusted its schedules to be less rigid and adjusted its expectations to be more understanding of the fact that everyone was struggling during such a uniquely challenging time.


The company already provides lots of important resources to its remote workforce — things like virtual fitness classes, discounted tutoring for the kids, and employee resource groups focused on parenting are all part of the package. And as 2021 progresses, the company says it plans to offer even more, acknowledging the fact that employees and especially working parents might need a little extra help.


One of the “coming soon” perks that’s already underway is a stipend meant to help employees establish or upgrade their home office setups so that working from home can go a little bit more smoothly from here on out.