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It’s not exactly surprising that Maven Clinic, a company built to connect women to telemedicine services at the fraction of a traditional in-person visit, would embrace remote work the way it has — quickly and effectively. But it’s still worth celebrating.


The surge in remote work caused by the pandemic pushed Maven to come up with a way to help its workers who are also parents, those pushed into the unenviable position of working from home just as daycares and schools closed. From online activities for kids to help finding learning pods to subsidized membership to virtual tutoring resources, Maven now offers a robust suite of services that will be useful for the new normal of regular remote work.


Workers enjoy these benefits within a culture that recognizes the inherent challenges and differences of remote work. For instance, virtual meetings aren’t automatically camera-on so workers don’t feel the need to make themselves presentable. And a kid wandering into or otherwise interrupting a call isn’t a problem, it’s a sign of the company’s broader acceptance of the reality of working and parenting in the same space.


“We celebrate and normalize being parents at work, whether it’s posting photos of our kids’ latest adventures in our Slack channel #mini-mavens or bringing them to company-wide events like our virtual talent show,” one employee says. “These everyday experiences go so far in making me feel supported as I grow my career and my family.”