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The financial services corporation Mastercard recently took stock of the benefits, programs, and other perks it offers employees and decided to ramp them up. The company drastically improved its benefits and special perks on multiple occasions throughout 2020, especially when it came to how it treated the new parents and other workers on its team who were stuck at home.


Amongst the companies on our list, Mastercard offers one of the more generous backup care benefits — 20 days per dependent, per year. New parents can take advantage of an additional 10 days of care under the Infant Transition Care program. And that was before the pandemic.  Once the pandemic began, Mastercard decided to grant its employees more leeway and provided resources to help them manage the added stress of life under lockdown.


Mastercard gave employees an extra 10 days off that they can tap into whenever they need time to care for a family member who caught COVID-19 or if they catch it themselves and need to recover.


Taking into consideration the need to support employees at work and at home, Mastercard rolled out a global l summer camps program for employees’ children, along with bringing in educators to help parents cope with virtual learning and providing access to  tutoring services  Employees could tap into resources from vendors like Revolution Prep, Varsity Tutors, and Marco Polo Learning.