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ICF Consulting, management consultants with offices around the world, specializes in future proofing organizations in areas like healthcare and public health, transportation infrastructure, and the environment.


Even before the pandemic, ICF Consulting instructed managers to work with their employees to find the remote or working-from-home arrangements that best suited them and their team. The company doesn’t have a formal policy in place for flexible hours, but only because the company has always prioritized flexibility to the point that it’s never needed to be spelled out.


Those programs, the company says, will persist and likely become even more accommodating as employees start to trickle back into their offices.


After COVID-19 hit, CEO John Wasson repeatedly sent out emails and company-wide communications to stress that he and the company were aware that people were struggling to balance everything at once and to explicitly acknowledge that overall productivity hadn’t declined and was still perfectly satisfactory. That top-down accountability and reminder stands to go a long way in reinforcing a more accommodating company culture going forward and making it clear to employees that they should feel comfortable actually taking advantage of the resources offered to them.


Meanwhile, ICF Consulting gives its employees access to benefits like fitness and other wellness programs, mental healthcare, and parenting resources.