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The hospitality sector has been hit so hard during the pandemic because of the very fact that so much of the industry requires an employee to be there, in-person. But Hilton has shown that there is no all or none with remote work, and has helped its workers to be as remote as possible in work and life. 


When the pandemic began, Hilton expanded its already competitive health coverage to offer telehealth services to everyone on its health plan. On top of this, Hilton now also offers discounted virtual gym memberships, to help team members stay healthy while they’re working from home or otherwise avoiding in-person fitness centers.


The company also now provides increased levels of flexibility to its employees, changing some roles, including office jobs like sales support, that used to require in-person work to become permanently remote positions. Hilton also gave some employees more opportunities to take time away from work, set their own hours, and work shorter weeks as needed through its “SuperFlex” workforce model.


Unlike many of the companies on this list, Hilton has a much larger proportion of part-time and hourly employees compared to its salaried employees. In addition to offering part-time employees parental leave and health benefits, Hilton also offers a “first look” schedule 10 days in advance for all hotel Team Members, letting employees exchange shifts with co-workers to fit their plans and commitments outside of work. Predictable and flexible schedules are necessary for hourly workers to effectively schedule childcare, appointments, and the like — but they are hardly the norm. Hilton helps set the standard for how to support employees, regardless of if they’re salaried or hourly.