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The healthcare staffing and talent management agency HealthCareSource truly shines as a company that went out of its way to make sure its roughly 250 employees and their families felt appreciated and supported throughout the pandemic.


Plenty of companies have acknowledged that, in an era when so many are working from home, kids are going to pop into the frame during video meetings, and that’s fine. But HealthCareSource went above and beyond to actually engage the families of its employees rather than making them feel like they had to dodge around on camera. For example, the company printed and gave out “Best Coworker Ever” t-shirts for kids to wear while their parents have video meetings, and the kids specifically have an open invitation to hang out and say hi.


That attitude, in which HealthCareSource embraces employees’ lifestyles and respects their work-life balances rather than imposing strict rules for how they have to work remotely, comes through across the rest of its programs too.


Even before the pandemic, employees were never expected to attend extra events unless they actually wanted to. Networking and other optional events are all scheduled during business hours, and company leadership has repeatedly reminded employees that they should feel free to skip them should they so desire. Such a pervasive respect for employees’ home lives, supported from the top down within HealthCareSource, serves as a new benchmark for the ways that companies can not only support and help out their staff but also preserve rather than encroaching on their work-life balances.