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In the early days of the pandemic, the social media giant Facebook was among the first major companies to suggest that working remotely might become a new norm rather than a temporary quirk of the times’ we’re living in.


Now, the company says its vision is to become the most forward-leaning company of its scale when it comes to working from home — and that it wants tens of thousands of its 52,500 US employees to transition into working remotely over the next five to ten years.


That will take serious work. But Facebook has already taken strides forward, like giving full-time employees an annual $2,000 stipend for any expenses related to setting up and maintaining a home office — a payout that stands above the one-time reimbursements that are more typically offered.


Putting money aside, Facebook quickly expanded its community offerings to remote workers as well, making sure that everyone could still be involved in the company’s culture no matter where they happened to be working from. Facebook created live and on-demand virtual events for employees as well as camps, classes, and games sessions for their kids.


Finally, Facebook expanded its local and in-person healthcare offerings to make sure remote workers can still get the care they need despite being far away from the clinic. The company offers virtual medical care through Teledoc, as well as mental healthcare through Lyra and discounted access to wellness apps like Calm and Headspace.