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The ecommerce and online bidding giant eBay has seen significant growth at a moment when everyone has been locked down and online shopping has become both a pastime and necessity. The 26-year-old company, primarily based out of San Jose, California has focused on treating its employees to a significant amount of virtual perks as they’ve transitioned to a remote working environment. 


When the pandemic began, eBay launched new communication channels, such as their Together Wherever Slack channel, to keep employees abreast of company developments and to offer new resources, helping everyone adjust to their new lives juggling work, parenting, and making sense of COVID-19 all at once. 


Aside from merely communicating what resources eBay offered to its employees, executives leaned into difficulties its employees were facing, hosting events like an International Women’s Day fireside chat to openly discuss the challenges facing working moms.


eBay provides employees with tons of health and wellness resources through companies like Cleo, Lyra, Grokker, Heal, and Vida. Those services also host workshops and provide coaching for parents managing finances, psychological wellness, personal and family fitness, and a huge variety of other topics all at once.


But sometimes, the best way to help people is to put cash in their pocket. As such, eBay has given employees two payments of $1,200 during the pandemic. Part of that, the company assumed, would go toward whatever supplies and equipment they needed to work from home, but eBay doesn’t seem to have imposed any strings or restrictions on how the money actually ended up getting spent, trusting employees to it in the ways that would help them the most.