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You may not recognize the London-based adult beverage company Diageo, but you definitely know the drinks it makes under its long list of famous brands that includes Guinness, Johnny Walker, Captain Morgan, and Smirnoff.


Diageo opened up a new corporate headquarters in January 2020, which the company designed to have all sorts of new amenities including mothers’ rooms. But now that people are working from home, the company pivoted. 


Diageo makes it clear that employees don’t always need to “show face” during video calls, and the company schedules optional or networking events during work hours instead of creeping into evening hours that employees should be spending offline with their families.


Diageo also launched a series of virtual events for employees and their families that it calls the capability series. Events include classes like cooking lessons, yoga sessions, and time management coaching. Then there’s also virtual game nights with events like company bingo.