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As one of the “Big Four” global professional services networks, Deloitte helps businesses with consulting, taxes, and other financial services, counting most of the Fortune 500 among its customers. Deloitte is everywhere, and as such, its policies respect and serve remote workers, especially parents. 


For several years now, Deloitte has offered competitive, gender-neutral benefits and perks to its employees, including lengthy time off for new parents bonding with their children. And now that everyone’s stuck at home anyway, Deloitte once again put in work to make sure it continues to offer staff members flexibility at work and support them as needed.


Part of that support includes making sure that employees can log off when they have to. Deloitte recently started to offer two extra weeks’ worth of paid time for personal reasons that might include childcare, elder care, mental health days, or whatever else employees might need to handle at the moment.


Deloitte also provides a generous package of financial resources for employees who might need an extra hand. The company provides $500 in the form of a disaster relief payment meant to enhance employees’ working-from-home battle stations. It also provides up to $3,000 in the form of additional dependent care payments for employees who need extra help taking care of their family members while they deal with all the extra pressures of life and work during a pandemic.


In addition to the benefits provided through Deloitte Cares, the company offers working parents and caregivers free and discounted virtual learning offerings for kids; guides for parents on how to talk to their children about the virus, keep them engaged, and maintain a sense of normalcy; and handbooks on how to make self-care a family priority. Deloitte also created a “Community of Parents” website to serve as a space for parents to access resources and share information.