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The healthcare IT, software, and hardware provider Cerner acted quickly to get employees out of the office and set up to work from home, and now the company says it may never fully return to the way things were and are currently reviewing plans.


The company provides employees with access to family support programs, Bright Horizons and Back to Basics, that can help provide and coordinate childcare in the event kids are stuck home sick from school, school gets closed down, or for virtual education support.


Cerner offers telehealth and navigation services through HealthTap, a virtual healthcare company that provides virtual appointments with doctors and can help diagnose illnesses. But it also provides medical care at its campuses in Kansas City, Missouri and Malvern, Pennsylvania where employees can establish a primary care relationship with a comprehensive care team, and where if needed, and where they have access to a full-service pharmacy for prescription pickups. Virtual access to a member’s care team (including physicians, dietitians, and health coaches) is also provided.


Before employees started to work from home, they could take advantage of Cerner’s five onsite fitness centers. But when that was no longer safe, Cerner’s fitness specialists transitioned to offering online classes — for adults and children — so that employees could stay active and still access all of the perks they were used to without having to choose between fitness and personal safety. This model has proven so successful in increasing engagement that a dedicated on-demand and live class platform is launching this year for worldwide fitness access.