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Given that CarGurus’ whole business model takes  a traditionally in-person shopping experience and moves it to the internet, the company seems well-equipped to adjust to a world where so many people are staying home and working remotely.


The online car marketplace and search engine says that it already had flexible policies in place as far as leave is concerned. But now that working from home is the norm, the company also made sure to provide remote healthcare and other online wellness services like fitness programs to its roughly 750 employees.


Healthcare aside, CarGurus also hosts online webinars, and explicitly makes sure to schedule events during business hours so it doesn’t encroach on workers’ home lives. And many of these policies will likely persist longer than the pandemic — employees can expect any newfound flexibility to continue into the future.


CarGurus says that its HR department and its parents-focused employee resource group have regularly convened to find new ways to support the working parents on its team. Whether that’s through polls or more formal focus groups, CarGurus has worked to stay in touch with employees to make sure it’s helping them out in the ways they actually want to be supported instead of taking a guess at what employees might need.