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Binder Dijker Otte (BDO), a global accounting firm based out of Belgium with American headquarters in Chicago, helps provide professional services including public accounting, tax prep, and financial consulting.


When the pandemic began, BDO offered financial support — and flexibility in terms of workplace expectations — to its employees BDO changed its performance review expectations to acknowledge the fact that everyone had to make a huge adjustment and that business couldn’t exactly continue on as usual.


Day-to-day flex culture has been the most helpful resource throughout my career at BDO. As a working parent, this flexibility has allowed me to spend time with my family when I need to help in the “it’s due tomorrow” science project, attend a school function/zoom meeting or take my senior to her senior portrait photo shoot. Whichever the case may be, BDO’s focus on flexible working has allowed me to participate with my family while still meeting client commitments.” – Josy A.


Lots of BDO employees already worked from home before COVID-19 hit. The company says it drew on the expertise that those workers and their teams had already accumulated in order to help everyone else make the adjustment too. Alongside offering virtual resources, including training seminars and mental healthcare resources, BDO says it set up new programs to help working parents manage childcare while they continued to work remotely. BDO also encouraged  managers to meet with their teams for one-on-ones about what kinds of help those employees actually needed from the company.


BDO provides virtual activities and classes to employees’ children to keep them busy and engaged while they’re cooped up so that parents have, at the very least, one fewer challenge to focus on during the day.