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While many companies scrambled to figure out how they could best support a remote workforce during the pandemic, the cloud-based financial services and human resources provider Alight Solutions was ahead of the curve. The company says that well before COVID-19 hit our shores, it set up a number of programs to make sure it’s supporting and taking care of its staff of nearly 10,000, regardless of wherever they happen to be working.


Remote employees can set up flexible hours to make sure they’re working at the times that make the most sense for them. They also have access to a wide variety of online resources, programs, and classes that range from fitness sessions, mental healthcare resources, and workshops through the company.


And, on top of everything else, Alight also adjusted its expectations for what employees would actually be able to deliver amidst all of the added pressure and stress of the pandemic. The company altered its performance review process to be more accommodating, reassured employees that they didn’t always need to sit around on camera during video calls, and made sure to enforce a work-life balance by scheduling any optional or networking company events during usual business hours.