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Freelance Podcast Producer


Fatherly is looking for a smart, creative, and eager podcast producer to help make The Fatherly Podcast, which is returning for its third season, into a must-listen for our growing audience. Successful candidates will have prior relevant experience, the ability to provide creative feedback and the desire to create something original.

About Fatherly
Fatherly is the leading digital media brand for dads. Our mission is to empower men to raise great kids and lead more fulfilling adult lives. From original video series and deep dive reports to podcasts and events, Fatherly offers original reporting, expert parenting advice, and hard-won insights into a challenging, but profoundly rewarding stage of life.

Role and Responsibilities: 

Fatherly is looking for a freelance podcast producer to helm the third season of The Fatherly Podcast. Ideally, the producer will handle all technical aspects of production, from booking studio space to engineering and editing and serve as a liaison with our partners at iHeartRadio. The producer will also be expected to contribute creatively, providing feedback to the co-hosts and thinking about guest and topics, which can be wide-ranging.

The podcast, which is produced in partnership with iHeart, is slated to run 24 weekly episodes. We are looking for a firm commitment for at least eight. Since we’re looking to launch the season in mid-November, we’d like to start production immediately. Interested candidates should email Joshua David Stein at